Sunday, November 18, 2012

what planet is this - dream breakthrough or dream delusion?

image copyright 2012 DerKlox
back in June 2012 I noticed that, after my dream balconies/elder guide dream, further dreams were being purposefully BLOCKED (or that was my impression), specifically relating to the question of whether or not our dreams were some 'service' we perform for 'those who can't' either on or off world.

Dream Blocking happened when I consciously decided to ask the lucid-dream question, "What planet is this?". I just couldn't do it; I could neither get to the lucid dreaming state nor ask the question. There seemed to be NO CONNECTION between my conscious wish to ask the question and my dreaming mind. I'd have dreams but no opportunity to ask the question.

Well, that changed last night and what a stunning reaction...

"What planet is this?" I'd been awoken from a dream at about 1 a.m. and remembered that I still hadn't been able to ask the question. So, I lay there FORCING MYSELF TO RECOGNISE THE DREAMING STATE and ask the question to everybody I met in the dreams to come.

Something very strange happened. I asked the question. And got a PHYSICAL REACTION. I remember a dream, when I used to live in Bournemouth, of a girl coming out of a room and doing something really weird with her face, with the flesh and bones of her face, like a graphic language shifting from letter to letter as her face contorted and distorted. Very weird, made me feel sick.

A similar thing happened last night, when I asked the question, "What planet is this?" the face of the people would shy back from a point in front of their faces (see illo above); the flesh and bone of their face would literally rip back gorily as if trying to avoid a single point of intense anti-gravitational force in front of their nose, before returning to normal.

This happened again and again as I forced myself in lucid-state to continue to ask each and every dream person I met, "What planet is this?" always the same facial anatomy reaction, ripped back like a cored out moon, a 3-dimensional crescent C, before morphing back to normality.

Then, back on the bend at the bottom end of Elizabeth Road, Haydock, I noticed a rat on the floor and asked a cat about it, and a fox was there too, sniffing the corpse. I asked them both, "What planet is this?" and something very different happened. The Fox stood on his back legs, held out his front right paw and projected a beam of something at the cat. The face of the cat pulled back from his snout in the same manner as the others to whom I'd asked the question.

The Fox then turned his paw on me... dream breakthrough or dream delusion? Who can tell?

DAY AFTER THE DREAM BEFORE UPDATE: don't know if this is the follow-up that you were all waiting for. It's certainly not what I was expecting ... and this is not a 'dream' this actually happened, as I lay in bed reading a Wallander novel called One Step Behind last night. The team were investigating a murder of three people in a woods, they were doing a search of the surroundings and the killer was watching them from his hiding spot. And here's the quote verbatim from page 226 of the Vintage paperback edition:

"How's it going?" Wallander asked.
"I think I saw a fox," Svennson said
"A fox?"
"I thought I saw a shadow back there. It was bigger than a cat."
"There are no foxes in Skåne. They all died from the plague."
"I still think it was a fox."

I mean, cat, fox and plague in the same book the day AFTER that night of dreaming?

Last night's dreams had a MARITIME flavour, but I have no idea what that means, no mention of 'what planet this is' even though that was my intention again: blocked.


Chad Goulding said...

Whoa! O_O; Seriously hope there's a Part II to follow.

Jeanna said...

I've felt several times over the past year or so that my dreams have been high jacked. I was so repulsed by what I was doing in my dream, that I stopped and asked myself what I was doing because I didn't want to participate. This would result in waking me up. I, like you, would feel physically ill about what just transpired. I don't think this is some shadow side of myself or subconscious otherwise I probably would have enjoyed the experience, right?

Mike Philbin said...

Chad and Jeanna,

I'll keep you all updated with relevant What Planet dreamage(!)