Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Stable isotopes of UnUnPentium - Bob Lazar's Element 115

UnUnPentium is the stand-by name for Bob Lazar's mythical alien spaceship gravity drive fuel - it has been synthesised in high energy collisions between accelerated Calcium-48 ions and Americium-243 target atoms but it is HIGHLY UNSTABLE with half-lifes measured in microseconds.

UnUnPentium (Uup) is the Latin name for the numbers 1, 1 and 5 - actually the 'pent' part is tagged-on Greek so that it wouldn't clash with Flerovium (previously known as UnUnQuadium) i.e. element 114.

Strange that they didn't use the Latin number for "115" as in 'one hundred and fifteen'; stupid botching geeks.


Uup Stability

All the reported above isotopes of element 115, obtained by nuclear collisions of lighter nuclei, are severely neutron-deficient, because the proportion of neutrons to protons needed for maximum stability increases with atomic number. The most stable isotope will probably be 299Uup, with 184 neutrons, a known "magic" closed-shell number conferring exceptional stability, making it (with one further proton outside the "magic number" of 114 protons) both the chemical and the nuclear homolog of 209Bi; but the technology required to add the required neutrons presently does not exist. This is because no known combination of target and projectile can result in the required neutrons. It has been suggested that such a neutron-rich isotope could be formed by quasifission (fusion followed by fission) of a massive nucleus, multi-nucleon transfer reactions in collisions of actinide nuclei, or by the alpha decay of a massive nucleus (although this would depend on the stability of the parent nuclei towards spontaneous fission).
[source WIKIPEDIA]

Now, I'm not the sharpest twig in the woods but ... did that (above) not propose that 299Uup with its CLOSED SHELL of neutrons could well exhibit phenomenal stability.

I mean, you know, instead of SLAMMING THESE FUCKING SUB-ATOMS INTO EACH OTHER hoping something'll stick, why don't science just patiently 'coax' these atoms into relevant configurations of theoretical stability.

Softly, coaxy, makey Lazariumy.

Or just 'coax' Bob Lazar to share those few grammes of Element 115 that he alleges he 'borrowed' from S4, during his brief stint 'back engineering alien spacecraft' ahum. I wonder if Hertzan Chimera Unit theory could corroborate this stability of the 184 neutrons isotope of Uup, a neutron being a closed proton/electron cycler in HC Unit theory.

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ww said...

...ask Jack Sarfatti ( about 115. Lazar said the actual number read 114.5 on his instrument at
Area 51. Might imply that this was an exotic matter coupling to
element 114.."wormhole matter"..that might exist in the center of our galaxy(remnant of early universe space)..where the Greys often visit..and where we would have to go to get "real element 115"..not anyone's manufactured stuff. Real 115 can create domain walls in space, be used for creating temporal loop spaces..and probably power "hyperwarp" type vessels (like the Ebens supposedly use) to travel 1000's of times light speed.

We may have an alternative to dilithium then, element 115 with di-selenium (exotic 4D selenium)..stabilized in 4th/8th density matrix chambers..and able to project these quantum fields into "bubble spaces" around the ships. You could then do warp drives, anti-gravity propulsion, space shield technologies, time-travel, interdimensional teleportation, and the "quantum disk" continuous teleportation tricks that the Northrup Disk supposedly achieves. Full disclosure won't help anyone but the "space guys" (aliens) here..

They might get a NWO check from David Rockefeller once the White House plays that old 1947 Roswell clip with Truman and Lindeberg.

Or we could sell the stuff back to the greys..or the Pleidians..get a check for 49 Trillion and pay some bills...upchuck all this technology and hide out from all these alien guys..then wait for Jesus to come back.

..sound good for you Barack?