Friday, January 04, 2013

dreams - why I should never leave 37 Elizabeth Road, Haydock

now, this is a strange synchronicity one: the other night, inspired by my HC Unit-conceit that memories might have a geographical basis (where due to 'googlin' our actual memories are being digitally stolen from us and reconstructed on some secure server at Google or Bing or Yahoo in a demonstration of 'if you don't use it, you lost it' neglected-neuronic-pathways-are-erased fashion), I went on an 'astral travel' back to 37 Elizabeth Road Haydock. Not as it must look today, but as it must have looked back then in the 1980's when I lived there with my Aunty.

I mean, Astral Travel - what a conceit, right there.

I have no idea if I really astral travelled to a place in time. I saw it as it was, allowed ALL THE DETAILS of my memory of the place to come into focus. And I'm talking about very detailed; the wallpaper, the coldness of the back room where I used to paint, the kitchen (though there was a 'blank spot' by the pantry that I couldn't resolve, weird) even down to the wear and tear of the rug in front of the coal fire and the heat of the grate once everyone had gone to bed, the size of the buttons on her old TV. I'd relegated myself to the fact that 'this was how it was' and I mustn't come here again; you know, let the spirits rest or however you wanna see the 'spiritual plane'. Give the current occupants of 37 Elizabeth Road time to enjoy their home.

Well, well, well - just had a VERY EMOTIONAL dream about packing my bags and leaving 37 Elizabeth Road. One of my friends Adam Economopoulos was there and we were doing aikido (yeah, I'm always dreaming of aikido since I gave it up at brown belt) and talking about art. I started packing all my things to leave, emptying drawers and such. It got very emotional. Even my Aunty turned up to weigh into the emotional blackmail of WHY I SHOULD NEVER LEAVE 37 Elizabeth Road, Haydock.

So, I still have no idea what the real-world relevance of this Dream Place is, but it's getting more and more insistent. I'm sure it's relating to a life event or life decision that's pending, i.e. just around the corner. But I'm not there yet, so I don't know what the subject this place is depicting is meant to be.

Just another annoyingly cryptic dream, eh?

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