Wednesday, January 09, 2013

is a hacker altering the Sandy Hook timeline?

Either this is an intentional CYBER ATTACK by 'mischievous whomever' on You The People, or this "Sandy Hook Tribute To The Victims" video of the elementary school shooting massacre was uploaded to Vimeo AND TWEETED ABOUT in November of 2012.

Not after December 14 2012, when the massacre happened.

Even more intriguing, here's a Facebook post showing a Fundraiser set up to receive funds days before the massacre: On December 10, 2012

And here's the original screengrab of the Facebook Fundraiser's Twitter screencapture:

There is a 43second youtube video uploaded by Nickvette1 on December 14th that states the Sandy Hook Massacre took place on November 14th, so maybe that is the key to this mystery. It looks like YOU MIGHT BE ABLE TO INTENTIONALLY BACKDATE videos, fundraisers, tweets and such; we just don't know about it in Normal Land?

Anyway: here's some Sandy Hook-relevant CWMR or Corporate War Machine Reality for ya.

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