Thursday, January 10, 2013

Kristen Meghan - ex-military bio-environmental engineer - the reality of Chemtrails

"I began to wake up to Chemtrails (and Agenda 21), monitored the white-plane flight patterns, did my own grid samplings and found barium and aluminium in the soil," so says ex-military bio-environmental engineer Kristen Meghan.

I love the Wide Awake News host(ex-military Charlie McGrath)'s non-ironic term 'under the weather', LOL.


Kristen Meghan has appeared on Infowars Nightly News on the subject of ex-military Brandon Raub, 'kidnapped by FBI' for posting on Facebook about 9/11 being an 'inside job', she posted the original video of Brandon's arrest on her youtube page.

Maybe this 'crackdown on youtube truthers' is less concerned with You and I i.e. ordinary people who know nothing, and more to do with keeping their ex-military employees under the kosh so that they don't say too much about what happens 'on the job'.

This is a classic Corporate NDA tactic to legally pressurise ex-employees into 'keeping schtum'.
JANUARY 2014's KRISTEN MEGHAN APPEARANCE has just arrived - ready?

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