Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Monotracer goes futuristic in Total Recall

that's a picture of it, in the recent remake of TOTAL RECALL (based on Philip K Dick's We Can Remember It For You Wholesale). What am I talking about? The Monotracer from Swiss cockpit-bike-maker Peraves.

The big crime about this film wasn't The Fall coring through the earth's plasma centre on its daily commute, nor the bland action-based storyline that just drummed along at a tedious pace for one and a half hours, nor the flat acting skills displayed by core participants Farrell and the Beckinsale/Beal twins.

While the "two weeks," fat woman customs scene and the triple-breasted hooker "you're gonna wish you had three hands," scene provided chucklesome nods to the original Paul Verhoeven 18-cert version of this film, the constant use of the expletive "shit" and the one use of the word "fucking" especially if you're watching this with the subtitles on with the family is a bit much for a (supposedly) 12-cert film.

No, the real crime of Total Recall was, while they cleverly conspired to hide the 'stabiliser wheels' of the Monotracer, they neglected to involve that gorgeous thing in one of the many chase sequences this film was built of. That was the real crime, that we didn't see that beauty racing through cyber-future United Federation British streets being chased by (armed) robot-driven versions. Imagine the adrenalin rush. Imagine the heads-up display beamed onto the fighter-jet-cockpit-like interior surface of the Monotracer. Imagine the gun/missile pods popping out all over the place. Anyway, fancy spotting this on the freeway:

SUPPLEMENTAL MAG-LEV FOOTAGE, both 40mm above and BELOW the magnetic rail just like in the above science fiction film.


monotracer said...

Yeah, we really hope that somebody would make an action movie and involve our MonoTracer in a chase scene, it would provide such a welcomed diversion from all those other boring car and normal bike chases. i would certainly volunteer to do the stunt riding myself, and i would not hold back, especially with Kate sitting shotgun...;-)

Roger, CEO MonoTracer of Switzerland

Mike Philbin said...

Indeed, Roger.

I was thinking of the sort of Monotracer chase that incorporates elements of Akira and Terminator Salvation.

That'd rock!