Monday, January 21, 2013

New Paradigm Films - The Day Before Disclosure - beware all theorists

in 2010, New Paradigm Films of Norway made this documentary about sightings of UFOs through the last 50-100 years and how it might impact upon our society, should DISCLOSURE of an alien presence be announced by collusive world governments:

See, as you'all realise, I've never been a big fan of the Visitation Scenario, favouring a United Nations solution to this phenomenon i.e. BLACK PROJECT INVESTIGATION (per global territory) into exotic drive systems and plasma sources leading to Free Energy for a Free Planet (where we not obsessed with 'technology as a weapon' or 'debt mechanism').

Of course, if you wanna keep that shit quiet, you'd DEFINITELY allow your Military to follow and record these 'ufo's from time to time; it magnified the myth that there are 'offensive forces' out there (like the imaginary Al Qaeda) that can later be 'targeted' by the Military Industrial (Congressional (Media (Religious)) Complex) for the purposes of ensuring your continued slavery to DEBT via the mechanism of PROFIT aka Bottom Line Extinction Economics Insanity 1.01.

Why my continued cynicism in the face of ALL THIS UFO EVIDENCE from thousands of witnesses, military and civilian, of such flying orbs of light? Well, "You just don't know what you're looking at," it's as simple as that. You just don't know. You can speculate and you can be susceptible to all sorts of clever political games, but you'll really never be able to discern hoax from reality.

My question is, "How can ALL THE WORLD'S GOVERNMENTS possibly agree to 'keep schtum' about this Visitation Scenario

I've been interested in The Electric Universe (as opposed to the cosmological Gravitational Universe) via my examination of the HC Unit theory I dreamt up one night back in 1985, literally. If the heavily-corporate and military-sponsored Scientific Community has been keeping quiet to the Cosmological Community of the Electrical Universe, then a conspiracy of post-Teslaic science would show that NASA knew exactly what they were doing when they shot a COPPER i.e. electrically conductive, 'bullet' at Comet Tempel 1 back in 2005.

The optical spectrum of light taken from strange lights of the Hesdalen phenomenon shows us that it's from a) a solid object or b) a HIGH DENSITY PLASMA. Of course, I'm now wondering 'if gravity is created via electricity' can a plasma-driven device somehow excuse itself from the Gravitational Debt cosmology has inflicted upon movement through the air? Is there NO MOMENTUM in a plasma-vehicle, at whatever acceleration rates, positive or negative?

Science knows that ELECTRICITY, (i.e. plasma, maybe drawn directly from the sun as the Earth moves through the sun's magnetic field) using machinery like HAARP, is the best way to get around the universe, the best way to power it and the only way to escape our fossil fuel dependency. Tesla was probably right in that Energy Could Be Offered Free to Humanity, if only the METER wasn't an essential part of the banking system that imprisons us all in DEBT.

Or we could all still believe in Disney's electricity-time-travelling intelligent metallic spaceships. Ya dig?


dognamedblue said...

for people, like me, a "follower" a "repeater" or let's face it a wee bit slow on the up take, there's a really good documentary, at beginner level, on an electricity & plasma universe called "thunderbolts of the gods" that's worth catching if you can

next on uk tv Sunday, 27th January 2013 on Showcase TV Sky 191 [freeview 401/2/3???]:

MargaRita B said...

I keep thinking this link may make some sense to what you are mulling over? if you are not religious but can read between the lines as to how they are using this stuff to make shaping shifting people and devices then maybe this could be what the future holds for healing as well if we can get the prophet mongering elite out of the way and feed the flock properly!

Mike Philbin said...


an atom dipping into zero point energy all the time, "Yeah, sounds like my HC Unit."


In fact, in my HC Unit, it's only the 'excess' from such a 'machine' that we see as matter, i.e. clockwise or anti-clockwise 'spin' that quickly falls back into the vacuum.