Friday, January 04, 2013


now this is intriguing... thanks to Sanri for the tip.

You gotta ask what a female reverend is doing analysing global heat trends but Free Planet is glad this lady's on the case. During her presentation, Rev Michelle Hopkins keeps mentioning, "TTAs and the SPACE FENCE," two terms I've never personally come across before.

She mentions the TTA 'we gave to Israel' and "Islands with obscurements," is another of her favourite terms.

DAY LATER UPDATE: in further email contact with my source, TTA = Tesla Tech Array like HAARP or Arecibo. The answer to my question about 'a female reverand analysing global heat trends' is Rev Michelle's "receiving tutelage from a friend who works at NASA".

Here's another (earlier) youtube that shows TTA (or HAARP) frequencies delivered to planted chemtrails over storms. Rev Michelle uses a whole pot-pourri of new terms you'll never have heard of like 'infrasonic undulation' and 'frequency planes' and contends the use of a CORPORATE GENOCIDE MACHINE and a PLAN TO CLEAN THE PLANET OF CIVILIANS aka Agenda 21. I'm not totally sure how this 'holocaust of the human race' folds into the Pay For Everything, Your Life Belongs To Commerce Theology (the real religion) that's ruining this planet but let's keep watching this research and see where Rev Michelle goes with it.

I've done some map reading and the ISLAND below India the TTA originates from could very well be the "Chagos Archipelago" (oil islands) in what some maps call British Indian Ocean Territory; seriously.

As you can imagine, already there are loads of online agents DEBUNKing Rev Michelle's suppositions. Free Planet is unable to vouch for the veracity of any anti-war testimony it features. You just gotta 'take the data, as is' in the a-hole of your mind and suck it up; cogitate if you're able.


blossomgirl said...

Please be careful in sharing videos from Rev Michelle Hopkins. While she says she wants to help and save the people, she uses a lot of energy to create fear and knowingly lie to her followers. Don't take her information as fact, look very carefully into the details yourself before believing. This "secret island" is not a secret at all and has been used for decades by the military and as a radio base. The "TTAs" are actually radio towers.
The reason I don't trust Rev Michelle Hopkins is because 3 weeks ago she uploaded a new video entitled "GHOULISH DISCOVERY ! Fema Prison Found ??? Mass Grave Preparations & HEINOUS INSTRUMENT of DEATH!!!" which shows a property found on google earth. Underneath she says "I dare you to try and find the exact location listed anywhere.". Well I found it, and I wasn't the only person to find it. It is the Yuma complex of the Arizona Dept of Corrections. On their page they give directions how to get to there and if you follow them on google earth you get to the same place Rev Michelle shows in her video. So I tried to comment on that video telling her I had found this place, but as all comments need to be approved by her, my comment never appeared under the video. So I tried again, but this time she blocked me! I have since discovered that she has done the same to anyone else trying to point out the truth.
If you ask me that is spreading false information, creating unnecessary fear and certainly not being very Christian! I have since been looking into many other claims she has made in other videos and have found so much BS and so many lies it's crazy!
Don't trust information unless you check it out for yourself!

eaglebob said...

There is book called The Matrix Deciphered that is 154 pages in length written by Dr. Robert Duncan and can be downloaded for free. Dr. Duncan helped the government set up many of the programs being used today until he realized just how evil these entities are and how good science was used in a bad
way. He explains how HAARP in combination with satelites can target an individual for assassination and even Mind Control. Recently a reporter was killed in a single vehicle accident and died in the resulting fire. I can't help thinking that the use of this science played a part in his demise. The download is free and explains how this program works. Much of the concept is based on a concept called heterodyning which was developed by the Navy back in 1929 and is the basis for depth finding and topography. But now we've found a way to weaponize this concept from outer space using ionic heaters and what are called scalar weapons. The earth's grid is or almost is complete and that's not good for mankind. The author wishes every concerned citizen download this pdf file. He did work for DARPA, DOD,CIA, FBI, IRS and more.

glen phillips said...

hello michelle. i got the same message from god.
he loves you & so do I.