Saturday, February 09, 2013

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon

Yeah, there are two strong camps who claim either the Appollo missions were i) real or ii) fake, and I don't wanna get into a debate of all that crap. All you need to do (dear reader) is scroll to 38:00 in this documentary "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon" and watch as a head appears IN FRONT OF a supposed full-window camera view of earth from 'allegedly' 130,000 miles out - just watch what happens when the lights come on, revealing the 'magician's trick' window shot from the back of the lunar module.

"Free the Citizens of Earth from the Crimes of History and the sins of CORPORATE COLLUSION in the name of profit." wise words indeed.

The truth will ALWAYS set us free.

MOON LANDING SUPPLEMENTAL: in case you haven't seen it, here's the DARK SIDE OF THE MOON documentary about Stanley Kubrick's alleged involvement in filming the 1969 Moon Landing and the general Hollywoodisation of the (invented) Space Race. I quite like the mischievous re-contextualisation of the alleged culprits' responses to questions asked at the time, and later, on maybe totally disconnected subjects to the one in question. It's truly amazing, the editorial process; the filmed lie.

Still waiting for the TRUTH in all this Hollywoodising: is REALITY anything like what we're force-fed by the six global companies of the Mainstream Media?

Remember, 9-11, Iraq and Bin Laden have also been ruthlessly Hollywoodised (and in a lesser way 7/7 - but UK really don't seem interested in 'getting to the bottom' of 'whatever that was'). Cowboys and Indians films, that's what I remember from my childhood - that total propaganda exercise in the name of W.A.S. or Worldwide Aboriginal Slaughter. Transformers, that's the next logical step, right? Alien bases on the moon, and INVASION.


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kiminimunekyun said...

That feeling of being physically sick... disgust with the many people who said that "this is true", and with ourselves for believing that we could trust our government.

Truth is not determined by the number of voices chanting in unison, but truth exists regardless of the number of those who speak it.