Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Australian MP Ann Bressington - Exposing Agenda 21, Club of Rome and Sustainable Development

well, well, well, there are one or two moral MPs crawling out of the woodwork to share THE REAL ENDGAME with You The People: first it was Belgian MP Laurent Louis exposing 9/11, Iraq and the Mali-lie and now it's Australian MP Ann Bressington exposing Agenda 21, Club of Rome and Sustainable Development, at the Lord Monckton Launch 2 Feb 2013 at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

"The Government is now declaring war on its own citizens," Ann Bressington 2013.

F.P. EDITORIAL COMMENT: you don't need 'Politicians' or 'Bankers' or the 'New World Order' to tell you that THERE ARE TOO MANY OF YOU. Oh, sure, there'll be respondees who camply shriek, "The planet can support over ten billion humans, no problem!" but that's not even the issue.

That's not even the issue.

It's about DIVERSITY, on a global scale; it's about Extinction Economics. It's about how our viral infestation of this planet, due to religious 'go forth and multiply' dogma and commercial 'personal choice to do what the fuck we want' dogma, is literally making this planet a Nature No Go Zone, and restricting its 'pedigree' to one sad geneline of harvested slaver losers.

A 'one child' policy cannot be enforced.
A 'rewilding the planet' policy cannot be enforced.
A 'revolt against global governance' cannot be enforced.

UNTIL you, the people, take on the mantle of responsibility for those global roles, until YOU THE PEOPLE start to 'give a shit' about your Free Planet; until you care (with all your passion) and act (with all your creativity) and you share (with all your innate kinship).

LOCAL SOLUTIONS TO GLOBAL PROBLEMS is a much more Free Planet-friendly way to express what needs to be done; the whole Earth is yours to protect. And this means 'protecting from any/all games against You The People that Corporate Governments might cook up'. You should understand this as your Custodian duty.

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