Wednesday, February 13, 2013


in 1982, Blade Runner's Tyrell Corporation had a motto, "More human than human."

But that world never came. Instead, "Less human, more robot," became the rule, as the car industry soon found out. And now a third world country* like China is starting to see how this will impact their (slave) jobs, too.

ONE MILLION ROBOTS TO REPLACE ONE MILLION WORKERS is a new story that comes courtesy of Singularity HUB - a site I'm going to be reading a lot more of in the future, it's full of the great and horrific story of mankind's usurpment.

Foxconn, the Chinese electronics manufacturer that builds numerous mobile devices and gaming consoles, has been in the media lately because of labor issues, complaints over working conditions, rumored riots, and even suicides, all occurring in the past few years as demand for smartphones and tablets is skyrocketing.

While consumers began to complain in response to media coverage over working conditions, prompting Apple to hire an audit of the factories, Foxconn’s President Terry Gou had another idea for dealing with labor concerns: replace people with robots. In fact, last year Gou said that the company would be aiming to replace 1 million Foxconn workers with robots within 3 years.

There are complaints in the above article that the standard robot costs THREE TIMES the annual salary of a FoxConn worker. So, what? That means (accounting for maintenance costs in a different column of the company's account sheet) the wage bill will be ZERO YUAN for Year Four, Year Five, Year Six... you're seeing the advantage here, surely, from the corporate perpective.

Source Credit - American Public Media's 'Marketplace'. 
Reporter Credit - Rob Schmitz, Shanghai Bureau Chief

Always be aware that this might simply be a grotesque anti-China editorial piece, made to gook-ise our eastern world-sharers, even though Free Market dictates that this is how business is done i.e. BRUTALLY and CRUELLY.

* remember, this this world country currently 'owns' much of America in the form of t-bills, real estate and other such IFD or Invented Financial Devices. Actually, China is looking more and more like a Victorian country, with a few billionaire landowners and their fat families and then a billion poor dumb starving grunts. So, what's the real game here, mass media? What are we really saying? Or not saying?


Chad Goulding said...

Fair point about the accuracy of the article, but I think the trend of replacing of workers with machines is going to continue. I mean, hasn't this been going on since the industrial revolution?

Which makes me wonder about the future of consumerism. If robots eventually replace all the workers, there won't be any people with money to buy things.
What happens then? Do we all live off government benefits?

67kevin said...

The Average FoxConn assembler makes around $300 a month. You can't freaking buy a robot that can assemble an Ipad for $11000. Obviously.........