Thursday, February 07, 2013

Paul Joseph Watson - the Nature of Reality - encoded cosmic rays

Alex Jones welcomes Paul Joseph Watson, journalist and editor of, to discuss the nature of reality as top research has shown it may be a 'giant computer simulation', i.e. the movement and behaviour of cosmic rays would be acting as if they're in some 'structured model' simulation of some other place.

Cosmic Rays offer clue our universe could be a computer simulation, WIRED
The measurement that reveals the universe is a computer simulation, MIT

And NO, I don't agree with this 'will of God' excuse and reference to 'the Bible' that Jones comes up with, it's interesting but I wouldn't rely on that dogma; seriously, think don't dictate.

I kinda like the way Jones rails off about dreams being a fourth or fifth dimension projection. I suspect our dreams are a REAL PLACE we explore for 'those who are incapable of doing WHAT WE DO'.

F.P. SUMMARY: as I've stated before, as part of the Hertzan Chimera Unit theory, every beam of light ISN'T just some cunning little 'photon' snaking its way along some insanely complex gravitational trajectory but THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE acting like a one-dimensional game of Tetris each shiny moment. Light (and all em radiation) MOVES TOWARDS THE SOURCE, settling a debt. It's what the universe is, a structure; we all know that. No need for a PERSONALITY GOD or ALIEN FOREFATHER or CREATOR.

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