Wednesday, February 20, 2013

PlayStation 4 launch - speculation and report - killzone demo

the PlayStation 4 launches this evening in New York, and here's the Telegraph with gallons of pre-launch speculation in case you just can't wait for the actual details and specifications.

So, not much insight there, then. Thanks Telegraph, sterling effort.

DAY LATER UPDATE: this report from the BBC on last night's PS4 event states, "Sony refused to show the device, or reveal the price."

Hm, still no wiser. BBC, rivetting.

THREE DAYS LATER UPDATE: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (like, who the fuck's he?) and co-host(?) Anthony Anderson test drive PlayStation's newest technology playing the upcoming Playstation 4-exclusive game from Guerilla Games "Killzone: Shadow Fall". What's really nice is how the demo QUICKLY becomes a homage to slo-mo slaughter high blood pressure shriek fest, with "Kill him," and "Share that," being the foremost phrases. You know, if you had any doubt that You The People were nothing more than a herd of useless eaters from which the stormtroopers of tomorrow will be conscripted. Sick, man - sick!

Other PS4 realtime demos include this, from the Unreal Engine,

and this from Quantic Dreams,

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