Sunday, March 24, 2013

Channeling the Free Planet?

"Creativity, passion and kinship are the key to custodian liberation," Mike what does that even mean?

It's like this stream of consciousness, that maybe all professional writers experience as cynical as they might think their commercial three-act wares are, poured out of me and entry after entry in the Free Planet section of this blog scrawled forth, lifted from the ether.

I came to a conclusion tonight, solely based on the fact that "I don't believe in that stuff", that I seriously might be Channeling the whole Free Planet message. And I don't like the idea that my thoughts aren't my own, let alone that I might be 'dreaming for those who can't'. I'm not at all spiritual or mystical or psychic or religious in any way, shape or form. Mine is a clockwork world of cogs and gears and grease and 'work units'. Nothing more, nothing less. We're here, and we are slaves to cleverer, crueler men. That's all.

However, "The Free Planet message came to me as if on some golden platter of turds," and I ran with it in multiple directions maybe even with my eyes closed not sure of where the sh*t would land were I to trip. And I can't tell if I've already tripped. I may (right now) be 'in the act' of tripping towards the marble floor and the facepalm of turd on reality might be about to splat. And I wouldn't know it. Or it may never happen - I may run forever and ever, or until I die, spouting my own Free Planet shit and not really seeing any reason for my mountingly obsessive act. My penance (maybe) for a life of waste and vacillation.

And I can't work out (if this is a channeling issue) where that channeling is coming from; be it the resonance of the planet, resonance of the solar system or resonance of 'some other/external source/species'. I can't work out whether this Free Planet idea is based on some collective understanding (from humanity itself) of How The World Needs to Work. Maybe it's a dying cry from the other life forms, which I'm convinced are far more intelligent than we give them credit for. I wonder about the lost 'aboriginal' races and their ancient connection to Mother Earth and her issue; her progeny: her tectonic influence.

I put my FAITH in a Free Planet, I really did. And I thought YOU THE PEOPLE would see the sense of it too. But the journey has (thus far) remained FRUITLESS. And it's such a stupid idea, a Free Planet. That's not how this world works, I summise in my saner moments.

I'm lost, I truly am.


Peter Naughton said...

I hear you. Were they cleverer or did they just get the inside track? The inside track I think myself, but what sort of a being or God would permit them such authority and what a twisted race-track this is.

I haven't been able to get through to a single member of my family about how this planet is run. I don't socialise anymore because every conversation triggers a segue into how it really is on just about every subject. I am tiresome to people now and I know it. I had a great deal of hope that people would get it, that they had that itch but they truelly don't, I am astonished, I have lost all respect for them and I'm tired of myself.

People really are sheep. I have avoided using that term for years because I have faith in the depth of yearning of the soul and the equality of all souls before God, but as beings operating from the mind they are sheep. They don't want to think so long as they've got work, cash, and some free time to enjoy the stuff it brings.

The motivation is the prospect of new stuff, better things in the future and a change of scenery every now and again. Truth matters not. I do not feel that people are in fear of it as many would argue, but rather that they are content, that there is no underlying dissatisfaction, suspicion even, regarding how the earthball operates, or the universe for that matter.

They don't see anything inherently wrong with the world or the history that has been taught and that is the most disturbing thing for me. I'm sorry I went down so many rabbit- holes alone. I think the hand that feeds the black rabbit may also feed the white rabbit but it doesn't matter anymore as I have nobody to discuss it with anyway, and I couldn't explain it to someone who has no reference points.

I hope I'm wrong about that but whatever scenario is playing out 6.5 billion people are going to take whatever they get and not have a clue how it came about unless it gets explained to them en masse, at length and forcebly - where's the freedom in that?

My apologies for rambling on - all I intended to say was I'm also lost. Peace.

Mike Philbin said...


indeed, thanks for sharing. I too also suffer 'the collective family groan' when I try to 'tell them how it is' given 'any opportunity'.


Ah, well, onwards.