Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dr Colin Ross - everything you ever wanted to know about Mind Control - but were too traumatised to ask

Conspiracy Culture presents 'The CIA and Military Mind Control' a two-hour presentation by psychological clinician Dr. Colin Ross.

Dr. Ross talks about CIA Mind Control Experimentation by Psychiatrists, declassified programs, disassociative identity disorder, double agent children, the official mind control timeline and other controversial material/accusations that literally beg the question, "How has this guy not had an 'accident' already?"

Ross's Manchurian Candidate Prostitute Thesis at about 01:00:00 is properly ingenious in the realm of Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo where 'torture might be about PUTTING COMMANDS IN not getting information out', oh, and, "the CIA was formed (from the remnants of the OSS) in 1947." he reminds us.

FREE PLANET RANTORIAL MOMENT: my own personal opinion on the subject of "how can you erase people's memories?" the way Ross describes it above? Well, we know that the brain is a reinforcement device, you 'learn' something once, then a week later you 'remember' it, then a month later you're 'reminded' of it, a year later it's a long-term memory. If you EXERCISE THE MEMORY. But what happens if you 'give the people' the internet? Wait, is the internet dangerous? Yes, very. And here's why. You, as a consumer, have forgotten/neglected the natural reinforcement process. You wonder 'who made that film about teh giant gorilla' and you do a quick internet search (including imdb) that gets you to the King Kong page of 1933.

BUT THAT WAS NOT YOUR MEMORY, that was the 'amazing make-you-forget trick' the CIA-holy grail that's finally arrived. That film Idiocracy, that looked like an episode from The Onion news network is in fact REALITY. We're being systematically dunce-capped i.e. dangerously dumbed down, by our utilisation of this 'most useful global database'. This leaves loads of 'usable real estate' in our decrepitated heads for Consumerist Commercial Mainstream Media to cram our brains with loads of Buy Now Bullshit that'll help us forget that the Twin Towers NY were probably demolished in September 11th 2001 (LOOK AWAY) and the London Bombings of July 7th 2005 probably facilitated the invasion of Iraq and dethroning of Saddam Hussein (LOOK AWAY) or that GCHQ-hacker Gareth Williams probably didn't zip himself into a gay bag in his own bathroom and rot faster than he should have while no one (at MI6 where he was stationed) thought to look for him when he didn't turn up for work (LOOK AWAY).

We're not supposed to have worked this out. We're not supposed to be awake. We're not supposed to THINK.

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keihatsu said...

In essence, it is the deliberate, relentless attempt to break a maternal or paternal bond.

This is what doctors do with c-sections, for example.