Sunday, March 10, 2013

Eric Dollard - The Ultimate Tesla Secrets Revealed!

Free Energy for a Free Planet? T.H.E.Y. definitely don't want you knowing about that. T.H.E.Y. definitely don't want you coming off their profitable meters. T.H.E.Y. definitely don't want this Tesla upstart coming along and 'broadcasting (wire less) energy' across the globe WITHOUT ANY POWER LOSS at no cost.

Eric Dollard, as Tesla discovered before him, finds all his research into Free Energy got shat on, his labs were smashed (losing 45 years of work) and still he (bravely) continues to share his findings, publish his equations. It's all in the math.

“After Eric confirmed and double checked all these findings he was left to accept a very painful political truth. All of Tesla’s work with this new type of electricity and wave form had been actively suppressed. Despite this new type of energy wave being far more cost efficient and effective it was banned from all commercial use and banished from textbooks as well. The scientific community has disavowed any knowledge of it, why?

This original form of transmission, called dielectric wave forms, if allowed to proliferate through the industry would have naturally lead to the transmission and synthesis of energy at no cost. The very intellectual admission of the existence of this type of energy was the admission that there was energy all around us.
[source JINNWE]

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mustang said...

Nothing new. They have known about this alternative for centuries (at least). The Sea of Energy in which the Earth Floats. Moray. Their entire economic slave system is based on artificial and controlled scarcity, free energy would take their power over us away, totally unacceptable. Would take a billion or so of us storming all the mafia headquarters around the world to effect any positive change. As long as the mafia runs this planet there will be NO positive improvements for the masses, just never ending useless trinkets to keep us all pre occupied with all their 'amazing new gadgets', gadgets that do nothing except keep our minds off what could really be done to improve things. It will never happen. Those with the $$$ and power will see to that, just as they have always seen to keeping it down. They suppress anything that is good, they are evil and they are in power. Get used to it.