Friday, March 22, 2013

Stan Romanek - EXTRAORDINARY trailer - alien abduction/induction

Stan Romanek's story is as vivid and controversial as that of Dr Jonathan Reed, and it's been a while since we all saw the fat little flat faced alien in the window but there've been some developments. The claim that Stan is being EDUCATED or INDOCTRINATED in the way the universe really works, who (the real) T.H.E.Y. are and why we're NOT ALONE is explored in his forthcoming Hollywood documentary EXTRAORDINARY (the Stan Romanek story) due April 2013:

With this project, our goal is simple: Show audiences how one man has been transformed physically, emotionally, intellectually, politically and spiritually due to the events that have transpired over the last 11 years. For those who don’t believe, we have one simple question: Why would anyone choose Stan’s life? No man in his right mind would raise his hand and say, “Pick me! I want to be the subject of constant scrutiny and ridicule for the rest of my life.” [source J3FILMS]

Here's the trailer.

ADDITIONALLY: you might wanna check out this PARACAST interview with Stan Romannek, especially the second hour, after the team has interviewed Romanek, and they go on, and on, and on, about their investigative intriguement with the Romanek case, especially as POLITICS is involved (i.e. Romanek has a person called Jerry Peckman, the man behind the Metatron Harmonizer). Paracast are calling Peckman a LOON and really don't think Romanek should have 'such a character' on his team. Tainted by association is the way Paracast pitches it.

And they're not even 'happy' with the Romanek documentary EXTRAORDINARY's alien-footage analyst aka Clay Roberts, who claims he's "just a final-cut guy" a video editor.

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