Wednesday, March 20, 2013

world of physical pain - it's why we're here - spirit condensing

in the late nineteen eighties, I wrote a sarcastic surrealistic sonnet about the artistic condition called Red Hedz that Creation Press published in paperback. It was the 'story' of an artist the resurrected sum total of whose psycho-figurative art comes back and loves him too hard. The camp tagline was "Love is pain, begging for death."

Paul Kasparek, that was the artist's name, and boy did he suffer - no sexual perversion was ever enough for his enigmatic Jane Doe. At about the same time a lovely film called Hellraiser, by scouse artist/writer Clive Barker, came out. And it seemed to be exploring the theme of this post, though in far more graphic detail than I'll go into, this time. It was a horror film, but only now, twenty five years later has its true meaning filtered through to this writer's mind.

If we look at all the pain and suffering in the world, we can understand where such a blatant pleasureland orgasm-festival might come from (no pun intended) - imagine you were 'in spirit'. You have access to all the spiritual knowledge of your legacy, and everything's smooth as silk. Good, well. What you don't have is the rich emotional tapestry that Earthlings share; the physical good as well as the physical bad. Sure, you'd wanna 'come visit' and 'enjoy the ride' - maybe you'll come more than once, maybe it becomes a DRUG among the cogniscenti?

God (any depiction of such) will never intervene in Human Suffering because THAT IS WHY WE'RE HERE: not the suffering bit, per se, but the experiencing of having a physical form driven by nerves.  This 'quest for pain' (and pleasure, and everything inbetween that constitutes 'physical existence') is what drives our road trip on this strange almost-prototype rock-with-an-atmosphere in the middle of nowhere. I'm not trying to say, "We're all masochists," 'cos we're not; some of us are sadists. And all flavours of sensation-ist in between. What I am saying is, "Isn't it obvious," that one of the real kicks of such a physical plane as our Earth is this ability to FEEL? You know, stimulated nerves and glorious sexual release and all that madness. Yes, I think the sexual urge and the physical sensation of pain are one and the same thing i.e. GOLD DUST TO A SPIRIT, obviously.

Or else, why bother condensing at all? Eh?


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Me thinks some of us are here for the sake of ego. I've got some Akashic recollection, and I asked to be here to leave my mark on it. I have, and now I'm done just waiting to go home.

Funny, but when I asked for this incarnation; I was warned, 'sure you wanna do this?' Well, I got my wish, and all I've been doing is complaining about this place from age 6, when I moved from my dear grandmother and great grandmother who were dying, into the household of my psycho-bitch 'incubator' who had no right to be called a mother. But it was the environment I needed to give me the drive and perspective to do with myself what I did. Now looking back, it all worked out; but I'm glad it's almost over, and I'M NOT COMING BACK!

But looking at your post, and life for the majority; I'd say you nailed it. I've thought about this, and you would not believe how much contempt I've developed for both this realm and humanity for it.

Mike Philbin said...

it was while thinking of the conundrum, "Why did God (or the Spirit Realm) not INTERVENE in the Holocaust?" that I realised, 'it must be this way' i.e. 'this is what condensing to this realm is all about i.e. THE JOURNEY of the flesh, the realness, the highs and the lows.

We, as volunteers on this realm, will never be 'saved' because we (must have) chose to be hear. It must be worth it, somehow, i.e. if you think this is 'bad' imagine how 'bad' the other realm must be for you to want to be here.

Or, this might be the BEST TIME OF YOUR EXISTENCE, this fleshiness, this corporeality.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I think there is better than here, and we view this as a game from the Otherside. We get addicted, for the sake of ego or sensation, or something we haven't covered because we haven't thought of it. Oh yeah. Then there's the Bodhisatvas. . .

It's something to get over. Get unaddicted from. Detox from. It's a stupid experience we just have to get out of our system before we move on. That's the way I see it. And you ain't gonna be happy on the Otherside until you've cleared yourself out. So I remember from my NDE. It was nice, and I've been longing to get back ever since, but the decision of when was not up to me. I have to finish my contract with myself. I guess I'm here to see the final destruction of this era which I hate so much. I know I'm going with it, but I'm having a HELL of a good time watching it all go down in flames.

Mike Philbin said...

I still think the concept of a Free Planet has validity, and that's something worth pursuing, as a physical species.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Damn good idea, if as a collective we weren't so stupid. If it works, break it, if it don't work; keep it. Seems to be the way people work. Most are like that, or we wouldn't be in the mess we're in. I can't argue with your philosophies. But unfortunately the majority of the human race make fence posts seem like MENSA members.