Friday, April 26, 2013

Agent Ivan0135 - UFO footage - ALIEN 'family' footage

about two years ago, wacky youtuber Ivan0135 uploaded (some say 3DS Max-created) four little UFO/Visitors videos that seemed to be trying just a little too hard to put across an authentic mid-1950's feel with gargantuan film crackle and obnoxious shutter flutter. The entire internet called this guy's bluff, almost immediately.

Tape duration: 180 min
Total recorded duration: 1.260 min

Tape 01:
Case 07/Tin bird 00:08:41 - 00:08:47
Tape 03:
Case 15/Flying twin 00:27:11 - 00:27:13
Case 15/Flying twin 00:27:34 - 00:27:39
Tape 04:
Case 23/Blue boys 00:42:50 - 00:42:51
Case 23/Blue boys 00:48:09 - 00:48:16
Case 24/Blue boys meeting 00:47:30 - 00:47:32
Case 24/Blue boys meeting 00:56:12 - 00:56:14
Case 24/Blue boys meeting 00:58:26 - 00:58:28
[source IVAN0135]

Ivan0135's youtube account it still active and still contains just those four vidoes:

and this, featuring a 'humanoid'

and this, featuring a 'gathering'

look, I really like these videos, it's not the full 180 minutes video that he's supposed to have ... maybe he's not had time to render the rest of the stuff yet - maybe he's been 'silenced'.

I mean, "It could be real footage, right?" and if this was the youtube account of a 'real' 3D artist, don't you think he'd have added 'more 3D stuff' in the two years since he was globally OUTed by the UFO cognoscenti?

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