Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Arizona Wilder - Bizarre Experiences Of A Mind Control Slave

"I'm not a speaker. I have a very busy life." sneers MK Ultra ritual abuse and mind control slave Arizona Wilder. And it's like there's something UTTERLY FASCINATING behind that little lip curl. Arizona has EXACTLY THE SAME self-effacing solemn voice and blank dead desperate look on her face as Cathy O'Brien and Bryce Taylor and all the others who have suffered in the name of Corporate War...

"I knew about Alice In The Wonderland PROGRAMMING," she adds, showing some drawings of the state of her mind during what she calls 'vivisections of alien-human hybrids' without anaesthetic, among other harrowing details. I mean, WTF!

Oh, and the COLD WAR (1947-1991) was all 'smoke and mirrors' of the USSR/USA PARTNERSHIP, according to Wilder's recollection of her 'tri-tone training' at a UCLA Parapsychology Unit.

There's a very interesting Q&A at the end of this fascinating presentation, worth hanging in there.

"We are all attacked, on every level," Arizona Wilder responds to one member of the audience.

PS: don't ask me if I can verify any of this insane stuff, I'm just sharing the interesting material I discover with you the readers of Free Planet - in case you didn't already know.

SEPTEMBER 2013 UPDATE: here's a very informative 'education-breaking' piece by David Icke, well worth watching in relation to the original Arizona Wilder presentation above.

PS: remember that all male royal names are French i.e. Merovigian(?) Charles Philip Arthur George. George Alexander Louis. It all goes back to the sacrifice of Britain to Guillaume Le Conqueror i.e. William the Conqueror, in 1066.

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