Tuesday, April 16, 2013

dream - weird spongy landscape - snow scene

don't ask me what this is about but it was one of those various 'walking in the countryside and/or trying to find a way back home' dreams, but there was something VERY ODD about this one.

At first, I thought it was a snowy scene, you know ice here, snow there, melt water running between the two states, bit of boggy ground underfoot leaking into the boot.

In fact, it was a really familiar scene or landscape I'd often found myself traversing or having adventures in during other dreams, in what I considered to be three of the other four seasons of the dreaming year.

I didn't quite believe what this dream was trying to show me, so I started to 'concentrate' on the floor and I suddenly realised it WASN'T SNOW; it was porous white sponge. When I put my weight down on it, the spongy floor gave way and water poured out. I couldn't work out what to do, next, it was just so weird.

I stood there looking around, confused by both where I stood and what this ENTIRE LANDSCAPE was made of.

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