Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Earthquake swarm Japan - is another BIG ONE due?

Free Planet doesn't normally DO earthquake swarms posts because they happen all the time, but one's going on RIGHT NOW off the east coast of Japan i.e. on the Fukushima side, that started in the far south of Japan in the range of 4.6 and above and has just started unleashing 5.6's and above off/around Sendai.

Here's a list this far today off of USGS's (so-called realtime) earthquake monitor:

Mag Location                                         Time UTC                   Lat           Lon             Dep km
5.7 18km ENE of Ishinomaki, Japan 2013-04-17 12:03:31 38.478°N 141.494°E 45.5
5.0 47km NNE of Yonakuni, Japan 2013-04-17 11:11:58 24.832°N 123.243°E  10.3
4.6 56km NE of Yonakuni, Japan        2013-04-17 09:39:22 24.866°N 123.350°E 10.2
5.6 25km WSW of Miura, Japan         2013-04-17 08:57:31 35.025°N 139.381°E 42.3
4.7 42km N of Yonakuni, Japan          2013-04-17 08:23:38 24.843°N 123.076°E 10.0
4.7 39km NNE of Yonakuni, Japan 2013-04-17 08:13:56 24.803°N 123.128°E 10.2
4.9 42km N of Yonakuni, Japan          2013-04-17 07:26:00 24.847°N 122.950°E 9.9
4.9 55km NNE of Yonakuni, Japan 2013-04-17 06:50:18 24.905°N 123.273°E 10.0
4.9 47km NNE of Yonakuni, Japan 2013-04-17 06:43:02 24.839°N 123.229°E 9.9
4.7 57km NE of Yonakuni, Japan        2013-04-17 06:33:47 24.871°N 123.363°E 7.3
4.7 49km NE of Yonakuni, Japan        2013-04-17 05:57:58 24.852°N 123.405°E 10.0

as this post goes public, there's a NEW QUAKE at 6.0 magnitude leading some to speculate that THESE ARE JUST FORESHOCKS and another BIG ONE is brewing on that eastern coast where the 9.0 was so spectacularly devastating almost exactly two years ago.

This page shows earthquakes going off all over the eastern side of Japan, out at sea and inland almost all the time. Just wait until the greenish dots on that page turn to RED.

But this is one of the reasons Free Planet exists as an idea, so that mankind can a) free himself from the Corporate Yoke and b) be prepared for these catastrophic events that occur with regularity in this solar system.

7.2 earthquake shakes northern Japan-USGS
Agence France-Presse
11:39 am | Friday, April 19th, 2013
TOKYO–A major 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck off northern Japan on Friday, seismologists said, but no tsunami warning was issued. The quake hit at 0305 GMT near the Russian-administered Kuril island chain, 1,490 kilometres (926 miles) north of Tokyo, the US Geological Survey said. It was 122 km deep.

Not sure if this morning's 7.2M quake is THE BIG ONE this swarm hinted at but there are plenty of aftershocks going off every couple minutes in the 4.5+ range.

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Mina Montréal said...

As i live in Tokyo, i am happy i am not the only one who noticed. If you open USGS page today and look at the entire world map, you will see that it is not just Japan. There is an EARTHQUAKE SWARM all around the Pacific rim of fire and even on the edges of other tectonic plates since THE 7.8 M EARTHQUAKE IN IRAN. It is the first time that i see the world seismic activity becoming so intense!!!!! This is my observation.

I have been watching closely USGS website since the summer 2010, way before the Tohoku Earthquake. Nobody seem to have posted about what i am saying on internet yet (they just talk about California and Alaska). Remember: there is Phillipines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, Australia, Japan, Russia, Iran and quite a few random places outside the rim RIGHT ON THE TECTONIC PLATE EDGES. Seems like half of the planet's crust is on a move since april 16-17...