Sunday, May 12, 2013

dream - president obama shoots a giant rabbit in the snow

just to prove (once and for all) to you dear reader that I have NO IDEA 'what dreams mean', 'what they do for us' or 'where the actual characters in the dream are when they're having them' here's a very strange one from (again) about 5 a.m.

President Obama Shoots A Rabbit In The Snow

it was a kind of hunting party we were all a part of, it was like a Royal Hunt, president Obama had a long rifle that shot a very slow wide soft bullet. We were on this snow-strewn path and some 'tracking technician' came running up towards up 'imploring' with us that we 'do something' or 'get out of the way' or 'let him through' or something... I had all the verbal details when I woke up but I wasn't getting up for this.

There were bloody rabbit footprints in the snow heading towards and past us. We hadn't seen anything, of course. But we tracked back and found this leopard-sized rabbit. Shot in the lower spine. It was enormous. It hid behind the tracking dogs as it was escorted to the far left side of a policeman on horseback, a white horse.

Obama raised his gun (with the horse between him and the escorted rabbit) and blew the rabbit away with his soft-punch gun. It struck me that this was a RECKLESS ACT i.e. very dangerous shooting through the legs of a horse.

Literally, "I have no idea what any of this shit means." Sorry.

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Clean said...

maybe the rabbit is a symbolic representation of the Cabal?