Saturday, May 11, 2013

nightmare - tilted Earth holocaust planet - WE MADE THIS!

time of this nightmare, 0530 hours

It was a special breed of Human Female who 'designed the world' as we knew it. The (0530 hours) dream was set in a Digital Design Office and the staff were PERFECTING their use of the 3D software they used. All such corporate places are protected by NDA or Non Disclosure Agreement, a legal understanding between management and staff not to blab about the shit you're working on.

I went outside onto the roof or terrace of this skyscraper we worked in and it was like three points of the compass were altered or otherwise tilted up toward us showing features of the landscape: on one hillside, a  commercial jet liners was five times bigger than it should be and a village of cottages had a massive white WIFI tower in it. These visual aspects were arranged in a way that we COULD NOT POSSIBLY SEE from where our office was situated. It wasn't just that some bits were tilted up, some bits where closer than they could be like someone had been 3D-lensing or light-bending effect. It looked Earth-like, it had all the detail one expects, but something was wrong. It was too good a simulation. It was too clean for countryside, too perfectly rendered. Having thought about this, on the roof of this building (or hill), I came to the conclusion that, "There was NO WAY this was Earth..."

Then, like I needed reinforcement that it was Earth, the North Koreans attacked. Why a 3D-design firm had access to this covert information, I don't know. Nor do I understand. I'm actually not happy with this in my dream. And I don't wanna say this but it sounds like, "T.h.e.y.'re using TV or WIFI to beam all this panic and paranoia into our heads each night we sleep." There, I've said it. It can't be unsaid. TV or WIFI is our enemy. T.h.e.y. know this and it's everywhere; omniscient. Global holocaust is a dream disease we're all being given. Even the so-called MiLabs or Alien Abductees have a global holocaust or planetary ruin scenario 'played to them'.

So, t.h.e.y. unleashed a nuclear attack on a peaceful if warped planet. And there was no way to stop it.

And one of the girls in the office, one of the super-design race was already plugged into her CyberControl device. She was sat there, naked, in this like denstist's chair, tilted back, hands on the arm rests, tilted back and up. Ready to protect us. Even she (decided she) couldn't do anything. She unplugged herself from the intrusive chair (quite graphically) and crawled out naked onto the sloping holocaust veranda, looking up into the sky her eyes wide and shouted, "We Made This!" at the rapidly whitening sky--

--and I couldn't work out whether she meant US, the human race, or WE, her female race, her planetary race, wherever this was in the universe.

NEWS UPDATE SEVEN A.M.: a report on the BBC Radio News, just now, suggests that the Carbon Dioxide situation aka global warming aka climate change aka Al Gore's clever financial plan to carbon tax the entire planet, is the worst it's ever been and a, "New Plan is needed to tackle it."

Propaganda is how we're ruled, how we're controlled, how we keep paying for these Criminal Game Designers to do their evil thing.

Plants love carbon dioxide. The more of it there is, the more healthily plants will grow. The more plants there are, the more oxygen they exhale for us. Global warming is WIN WIN for us, so why all the Negative Campaigning? Why?

FEAR is the mind killer.

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dognamedblue said...

I genuinely could not believe what I was hearing from that BBC expert on CO2! either he was dumbed down or he though anyone watching was
was everything out of his mouth a lie?
has he deliberately not seen the evidence from historical records?
why is he not sacked from his rich paying job?