Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Prior to Free Planet - Blackmail'd will become the new blog status - let the internet forget us.

I wanted to report on the very interesting story of Moscow's American Embassy political third-secretary Ryan Fogle who was kicked out of Russia today having been caught 'in the act' of trying to recruit a Russian Special Service Agent to work for the CIA. Fogle had the Jason Bourne identikit, passports, cash, comms, wigs, compass, etc...

We all know racy Russian redhead Anna Chapman got kicked out of USA, along with some of her spy colleagues.

Surely, the US intel services are gonna cry SET UP at some point and say it's all a fabrication or tit-for-tat expulsion in a continuing war that's looking more and more like a Cold War For Oil and Gas. But is such a game-analysis SAFE to make, out loud, in public, on a blog or in the street?

Writing (speaking) in public, giving one's opinion, like this, reposting favoured snippets of news from around the world that 'kinda set the tone of a Free Planet' even safe any more? Is my life in danger, just for FINDING SOMETHING INTERESTING? But there's also an issue with 'taking a story at face value': take the example of claims from MKUltra victims (and we know 'something on a large scale happened in Canada') who come across with all sorts of wild accusations. Both the Cathy O'Brien and the Ben Fellows stories include some utterly surreal accusations against 'members of the elite' be they Prime Ministers, Presidents, Bankers, Butchers or Hollywood Personalities. But can we trust them? Who's the arbiter in all this 'disclosure'?

I've already done a PURGE of some of the more obviously rubbish Conspiracy Theory scams I've subjected my readers to. But is that enough? What I'm saying is, "Is anything one finds on the internet worthy of your attention, dear reader?" or is IT ALL just pawn moves in the Global Chess Game for TOTAL DOMINATION AND SUBJUGATION of the paying masses i.e. You The People?

You there, on Facebook or Twitter sharing your tonnes of personal crap with your list of (you don't know if they're 'terrorists' or not yet) so-called friends - those are LINKS, nothing more. They're links that, when data passes between them, you may be IMPLICATED IN THE TRANSACTION. No matter whether you're part of a terrorist cell or not, you're sure to find yourself accused-by-association if the e-world turns as rotten and gruesome as some digi-pundits are promising. It might have nothing to do with the content and everything to do with the list; like the list of Followers on this blog: I've no idea who 99.734% of these dudes are. Who's to say that association won't be used in your prosecution somewhere down the line?

What to do? Just put your faith in Truth, Honesty and Righteousness? I mean, "Is there even such a thing on this insidious Gamer Planet?" Or accept that at some point, bloggers' crucified remains are gonna be decorating the Appian Way alongside Spartacus and all the other fools who thought 'freedom was part of the life bargain'. Onliners are already losing their jobs because of some dashed off Tweet or FB-jibe.

FULL DIGITAL AMNESTY (of shit you've posted) so that this can't happen? Sounds like A solution. B solution might be to write the server-storage software and the search-engine algorithms so that they include DEPRECIATION OF INTEREST in a subject into a search (kinda like the way neurone connections disconnect with inactivity in that region of the brain) so that "the internet can forget" some inane crap you've written in a moment of wild creativity.

Anyone got brighter ideas? We need new ideas, people.

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