Monday, June 24, 2013

BBC - Secrets of the Sun - 1600's mini ice age and global warming

Kate Humble, yeah her off Spring Watch, can cry at a Solar Eclipse but how scientific is her education and what does she really know about the Secrets of the Sun?

It was a show the BBC ran last night. I thought, "Secrets of the Sun i.e. New Evidence of the Mechanism of our VNS or Variable Neighbour Star?" might be interesting...

Nope, same old nuclear/gravitational solar DOGMA.

I apologise for the capitalisation of the word 'dogma' but I kinda got VERY ANNOYED that they 'still' suggest that the 'phukking photon' generated within the core of the sun (show evidence for any of this) takes 500,000 years or more to  refract around inside the sun to enjoy the 'last eight minutes of its life' getting to the point where it HITS THE BACK OF MY EYE. But it was 'refreshing' to hear them 'admit' finally that both the 1600's mini ice age and global warming might be caused by our variable star's behaviour. You don't say!

In summary, "The BBC (once again) refused to address or investigate or even consider the electric universe in its assessment of what the sun is and how it does what it does." Basically, in astronomical terms, PLASMA i.e. super-heated gas, is MASSIVELY MORE SIGNIFICANT than the weakest of forces 'gravity'. Reference fluffy ribbon and how it's affecting our sun, right now. And let's not forget that electromagnetic manipulation of gravity has already been proven.

When will the EUD or Electric Universe Debate be opened to Public Consumption?

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