Monday, June 24, 2013

HC Unit - here comes the noise!

I've been banging on about this Hertzan Chimera Unit (on and off) for like decades, since 1985 to be exact when  I first dreamt of the concrete overflow ramp at Carr Mill Dam reservoir in St Helens.

I know, but that's how it all started. I then uploaded the raw script of this dream to alt.sci.physics group, so it'll be there online, somewhere in the Machine, from that date.

Today, nearly thirty years later, Anonymous Astrophysicist adds to the mix by stating he agrees that a 'neutron' is a 'proton/electron couplet':

Three main reasons:1)the coupling of a positive charged particle and negative charged particle is inevitable in an environment were both exist.
2) the charges would cancel creating a neutral particle
3) a neutrons mass is the exact mass of an electron more than a protons mass.

Now, this may seem like nothing to most people, but it's a real confirmation (to me) of my 'dream' back then of 'water flowing through a spinning device' in a positive or negative direction to flow i.e. how the 'atomic' world works.

On point 1)
there is not positive or negative charge until the HC Unit pushes out an excess of energy through its system i.e. not both existing at same time

On point 2)
as both sides of an HC Unit don't exists 'at the same time' there's no 'opposing charges cancelling each other out'. It's just a 'dead' neutron that's yet to 'excess'.

On point 3)
I love this - thanks. Vindication.

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