Sunday, June 02, 2013

NEW WORLD DISORDER - you cannot fight by their rules

war is good for profit, nothing else.
whether this may seem obvious to you or not, the only way to avoid a FACE TO FACE collision with the Armed Forces of the Corporate War Machine or New World Order in your country is

DON'T FIGHT BY THEIR RULES if you want to survive.

The Vietnamese People's Resistance to American Invasion  effectively repelled the US Corporate War Machine in the 1970's by use of the land, hiding and subverting. This has also been a tactic that's mostly kept USA and USSR out of Afghanistan. Rugged, resourceful individuals arranged into tactical cells.

STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS and you will be slaughtered.

Think back on the routing of the armed rebel forces of Boudica in AD 60 or so. Having successfully ransacked the Roman centre of Londinium in a series of arson raids, Boudica pitted her swelling amateur army up against the Roman Forces and her superior numbers were her undoing as thousands of her men angrily threw themselves at a Roman Army prepared in the art of Crowd Control. Literally hoisted by their own petard; the unruly mob was subdued and their ruler rape/murdered.

Don't form protest groups - they will be squashed under tanks, napalmed.
Don't form militias or rebel groups - if they aren't corporate sponsored, they're doomed.
Don't form alternative governments - you're just perpetuating the profit-loss lobbyist model of rule.

Humanity has been conquered by division. Every human assumes some 'fake role' in life which gives them the opportunity to 'earn a living' i.e. be a wage slave and rent/mortgage slave, a slave to land owning, a slave to debt. The best method to kill the fat goose that lays the military egg is 'just stop funding it' with your taxes and licenses and adherence to laws. But of course, there's a whole moral obligation to obey the laws of the land that you think are designed to help your Society keep you safe. Well, they're not. Society is intended i.e. structured, to keep you cowed. Mumbling, skittish, afraid. And there's safety in numbers here, but not in the way that one normally thinks. The diverse adherence to various 'invented dogmas' stops a Global Realisation that only a Free Planet can save MASS SPECIES DIE-BACK on our planet and the 'ruin of mankind'.

KEYPHRASES: Free Planet, Do Right By, Custodian Responsibility, Real Education.

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