Friday, July 19, 2013

Dr David Kelly - 7/7 bombings - patsy syndicate culture

THIS JUST IN, FROM DAVID ICKE on the Isle of Wight:

Crime syndicates can only function by employing criminals and others who are terrified of the consequences of defying the orders of the criminals. The State is just the same. Crime syndicates survive by destroying the opposition and killing anyone with the knowledge and inclination to bring them down. The State is just the same. 
The great advantage that State organised crime has over the other variety is that while crime syndicates can have insiders on the payroll within the police here and there the State owns the police, the military and the intelligence networks. This makes them Super Crime Syndicates with those officially charged with protecting the people from organised crime being employed by the ultimate in organised criminality.
The State not only owns and controls those who engage in its criminal activities - like the murder of David Kelly - but also those who are supposed to investigate the crime and find the criminals. It also largely owns the media that is reporting the crime and so the official narrative is the one that dominates public perception. [source DAVID ICKE]

What David Icke's basically saying here is that POWER CORRUPTS and ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY, no matter who's in power. Black or white. Labour or Conservative. Muslim or Christian. Absolute power currupts TO THE HILT.

Now, you can agree with that statement (and summary) or you can disagree. But the truth is, "9/11 Manhattan and 7/7 London and 3/11 Madrid and Dr David Kelly and Jean-Charles de Menezes and ALL THE OTHER 'convenient deaths' are all just looking 'too convenient' since Day One, all served a sinister Patriot Act and Terror Act agenda," since the Global War for Ultimate Control of the Corporate Transatlantic Masses was waged, some time in the mid-90's to the present day. And all the way east through the Arab Spring and all the invadings and assassinations of late...

Seriously. Why aren't you (at least faking an interest in being) awake and aware? Why don't you (seem to) care? Don't you even (pretend to) want the truth?


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