Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bases 30 - Mind Control in Britain - Cathi Morgan Part One and Two

Cathi Morgan gives an update on her research into institutionalised MK Ultra or Mind Control/False Memories involved with Satanic Ritual Abuse in UK, and mentions (recently deceased at age 93) whistleblower T Stokes. Morgan suggests victims of Satanic Ritual abuse have implicated the Princes Philip and Charles, Jimmy Savile and other high-level members of 'civilised society'.

People like this always forget that EVERYONE is professionally mind controlled by mainstream coercion and completely indentured to the Corporate War system for PROFIT, every day of their commercialist lives. But let's just go on believing it's a few MK'd operatives or unfortunate victims of some dusty old sex ritual to blackmail anyone in power, eh?

Remembering Vietnam footage: TRAUMA is a tool of mind control.
Remembering WTC demolition: TRAUMA is a tool of mind control.
Remembering fear-mongering news channels, horror films and TV series, explicitly realistic military video games and gormless Consumerism 24/7: TRAUMA is a tool of mind control.

The world is lots dirtier i.e. seedier (for profit) than we all think.

AUGUST 30TH UPDATE: here's the second part of the Cathi Morgan interview - the violation of the Common Man, in plain site.

remember, it's all for PROFIT.


Free Planet is the only way forward
for mankind, as a survival species.

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