Saturday, September 14, 2013

small steps Ellie - the power of subtle influence - we all march to the same drum

you kinda think you're not being led by the nose ring on a daily basis by GLOBAL MAINSTREAM MEDIA, INSTITUTIONALISED EDUCATION and PRO-PROFIT GOVERNMENT SUGGESTION?

Well, it all depends on 'knowing the mechanics of compliance' - take, for example, this footage of 32 randomly fired off metronomes achieving a marching synchrony. How? Harmonic Resonance and Mechanical Entrainment mostly. Knowing the (in this case subtly-enhanced acceleration) mechanics of compliance: the table is rocking. If you know what socio-political button to push, on a regular basis; you get total and unwitting compliance where none should be possible.

Eventually, all the individuals assume the same Consumerist beat. Geddit?



muzuzuzus said...

There's two ways (maybe more I dunno) of looking at that demo. Instead of seeing it as some kind of example of conformity, it could be cooperation. And/or some kind of natural move for synchronicity of rhythm though of course I am not for the mechanistic conformity of soul-dead culture---of soldiers saying 'I am just doing my duty'

Mike Philbin said...

it's all mindset.

used for beneficial or detrimental purposes: like nukes.