Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Channel 4 News - An exclusive interview with the Edward Snowden of banking - Herve Falciani

Close to TEN THOUSAND ACCOUNTS in HSBC Switzerland's list provided by banking whistleblower Herve Falciani and NOT A SINGLE PROSECUTION for corruption, here in the UK.

The affair is also an embarrassment for David Cameron, because his trade envoy Stephen Green chaired HSBC during the period covered by the allegations. [source DAILY MAIL]

These opening paragraphs from Faisal Islam's C4 news blog feature kinda says it all.

It was the biggest bank heist in history, not of money or gold bullion, but something far more important – data – and it all stems back to one man, who worked in one branch of just one bank.
For the first time the IT expert who took details of tens of thousands of client accounts from Britain’s largest bank tells his full story.
European authorities say that Herve Falciani’s list contains 127,311 client account details. HSBC says this is an exaggeration, saying that 15,000 clients were affected. Mr Falciani, the French-Italian former HSBC employee has given an exclusive interview to Channel 4 News about how he downloaded “the entire memory of the bank” at HSBC’s private bank in Geneva.
[source CHANNEL 4 NEWS]

Here's the amazing Channel 4 News feature that's just run on terrestrial TV about Herve Falciani's story:

If you enjoyed that, you'll also enjoy the bold-faced claims in this video from the Abel Danger team in the States aka forensic investigators Field McConnell and David Hawkins.


muzuzuzus said...

This is great info and I will have to watch it several times and study it, but what jumps out synchronistically is this---the latest program I have watched on catch-up TV is this one all about how load shark companies on the high street are ripping off people, especially the desperate <a href=">Young, Bristish and Broke</a> But the presenter in typical miccle-class (better not wock the boat fashion) pretends NOT to seea connection betwee that and the fukin bankin system per se!! I mean, fuck, where's she bin? the very shit we all are in is due to that yet she totally misses that point. I MUST re-educate her arse.

muzuzuzus said...

HSBC is mentioned in this video in connection with 'shootings'! Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up Part 68 (Adam Lanza - Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting)