Tuesday, December 03, 2013

China's India's 200,000,000 missing girls

oh, this is such a great topic for a Free Planet blog: China's India's 200,000,000 missing girls

Reggie Littleton, president of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, was recently in Hong Kong for the premier of the new project tellingly titled, “It’s a Girl.” She told WND it appears the world is becoming increasingly more aware of the violence perpetrated against infant girls in China and elsewhere. [source WND]

Well, when we say 'missing' we're, of course, being politically correct.
The politically incorrect version involves the revelation that women are smashing the heads of girl-children on rocks or having a local doctor abort their pregnancy or the newborn girl just being abandoned, left to die.
We can thus categorise 'missing' as INAPPROPRIATE to the dynastic trait of 'carrying the family name' i.e. hierarchy of a family tree nature, which Free Planet abhors.

Furthermore, this 'male-favouring phenomenon' contributes to an imbalance in the male/female ratio and is a perfect example, in action, of this idiot world's reliant on such techniques as Extinction Economics i.e. ruination of a source, to force an opportunity for PROFIT or Make A Market. Free Planet abhors an imbalanced world. Many women are now being TRADED on the black market, like commodities, as a result of this selective gender breeding programme.

Currently, in this stupid world of (arbitrary) law, only BOYS carry the family name because it tends to be MEN who pass on the name of their parents.

Easy fix for this, feminists, DEMAND that you RETAIN your NAME after marriage, and none of this needs to happen.

Having said that, "There are too many humans on this planet already," so anything that 'seems to' reduce that number might be welcomed, but people then rushing off to bed (post-op) to have more boy-children is equally futile in this viral infection of the human race upon what 'should be' a Free i.e. balanced, Planet.

Free Planet means a planet freed from human domination/ruination, it means a planet where ALL LIFE has the chance to thrive at suitable rates for a limited resource i.e. our planet's size. When we understand that, we move on, as a race of (supposedly) intelligent post-homo erectus bipeds.

There's also that chance that IT'S A GIRL is a blatantly anti-East or anti-non-Western propaganda film, "Never let a good crisis go to waste."

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