Sunday, December 22, 2013

Chris Geo of Truth Frequency - amazing Ayahausca purging - meets the Holograph Maintainers!

This is labelled under 'big pharma' but it's more useful to think of this as a 'little pharma' experience.

A couple of days ago, Chris Geo of Truth Frequency (who have featured put up with 'yours truly' on a couple of occassions) celebrated his first anniversary of marriage to wife Sheree by going on a massive Ayahuasca purging.

Like, three times the standard dose, in the safe-ish hands of shaman William Whitecrow, to face his fears and confront his demons. It's a spectacular personal journey and one worth micro-quoting, thus:

“You asked for the truth Chris, this is the cold hard truth. We warned that you would not like it but you insisted on knowing the truth. The entire Universe is a holograph but we do not control it, we simply maintain it. You are the creator, you have always been. Our holograph conforms to what is inside of you. If you project death, chaos and destruction, the Universe will conform to you. If you project love and light, so shall it be too. The universe bends to you, because preservation of souls is why the Universe was created. Without the Universe, the souls will have no where to exist. It is all YOUR reality, not ours”. [source TFR]

HOLY FUCKING GOD OF THE INTERNET!!!!! this blogger interface just FELL TO BITS while I was sourcing those two Philbin-on-TFR links for ya.

Went fucking nuts.

Ah, well, the message is out now, no interference from the Holograph Maintainers will ever change that.

Excellent. We are able to make OUR OWN FREE PLANET whenever we want it. Like, now.

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