Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dr Rima Laibow - you heal yourself - 9/11 missile legacy

I was randomly talking to a person who turned out to be a Hypnotherapist the other day and the summary of that conversation is, "You heal yourself."

Sure the hypnotherapist has a hand in putting your mind in the right attitude to heal itself, but the hypnotherpist doesn't heal you, you heal yourself.

I kinda like how Rima Laibow explains how 'gut feeling' is based on the amount of SERATONIN in the gut as compared to the brain: the gut is an 'emotional entity'.

Here's another person who also believes that, "You heal yourself," Dr Rima Laibow, wife of Major Albert Stubblebein III:

Africa gets AIDS and then YOU.

Oh, in case you mised the news, there's been a rise (and rising) in the nutritional disease RICKETS and this may be a direct and lethal reflection of the GMO phude industry, Laibow contends.

Remember, even the BBC (Radio 4 news this morning) has confirmed that what used to be a 1:3 chance of getting CANCER will become an 1:2 chance of getting cancer by 2020 -- this Eugenics/Big Pharma apocalypse looks like it's right on track. Hey, you can also enjoy your premature Altzheimers just by taking mercury-infested vaccines every year, too.

We're doomed if we don't HEAL OURSELVES from this ridiculous for-profit war on you, so says Laibow.

ADDITIONAL VIEWING: In case you didn't see it first time round, here's RIma Laibow's husband and ALL THE ARMY'S STRATEGIC FORCES AROUND THE WORLD at the time commander Major Albert Stubblebein III's opinion of 9/11, that's the catastrophic day of September 11th 2001.

Controlled Demolition as described above, is not 'specified' so 'all sorts of ways of getting the lower floors out of the way' are still on the table. CD doesn't 'have to' mean conventional explosives: it could be 'any method that dustifies steel and concrete buildings'.

PS: ALL THE ARMY'S STRATEGIC FORCES AROUND THE WORLD at the time commander Major Albert Stubblebein III was in Hawaii on a Conference - oh, there were LOTS OF CONFERENCES Sep 10-12 2001.

PPS: watch and listen with DISCERNMENT, always: we never 'really' know 'who is our friend' and 'who is not' in the covert disinformation network we call Society (when amoral war-games involving profit and economy are concerned).

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dognamedblue said...

there's that film "The Men who stare at Goats" with an interesting commentary by the book's author Jon Ronson (him of BBC's Bilderberger fame) where he talks about the head of american army psy-ops, are they the same albert stubblein III?