Wednesday, December 18, 2013

dream - dead cat returns - with kitten and an old work colleague

this was kinda weird, in that I didn't know this particular cat was a) dead or b) associated with an ex-work colleague whose funeral we all attended on September 11th 2001.

I met the guy in the street, in passing. It was in London, as I was running to catch a train, he had a younger brother with him and a moustache.

I can't remember if it was he or the younger brother who had the moustache, but then a cat appeared. And I nearly didn't recognise it as it had grown greyer than I remembered it. But the way it pushed its face at the back of my hand, and the thinness at the end of its tail. I remembered it INSTANTLY. It's a cat I'd always stopped to 'say hello' to on the hill walking up to where I live. It was a lovely cat and I hadn't seen it for ages.

I crouched down to it, "He remembers me," I was saying to the ex-work colleague who stood there like the cat was his. And the old cat seemed to be 'talking to me in complicated cat meowls'. I was down on my hands and knees in the street literally weeping with joy as the cat started to purr like mad, really happy to see me. Pushing its face against mine. I kept hearing, "It's been two years, It's been two years," since I saw this cat.

Which was strange because I'm sure that cat (if it is dead) hadn't been dead for two years. And the colleague had been dead for twelve years i.e. Sep 2001.

Then the cat (who was obviously female and I'd never known) showed me its kitten.

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