Friday, December 27, 2013

dream - WWW - wiremesh wolfman world

as you can imagine, this dream is about a world made entirely of wiremesh, or chickenwire.

But let's reverse back three hours. I can say this because (at about 11 o'clock) I challenged the 'forces of the parallel side' to reveal themselves to me. Nothing happened, as usual. I have never seen nothing; no spirit, no demon, no souls. So I called them CHICKENS and said I would 'meet them in my dreams' which was clearly the only place they felt powerful enough to show themselves and 'cause some havoc'.

I did it, and it can't be undone. The results were very strange.

Wiremesh Wolfman World was a mix of wiremesh detail (toilets were 'fun' for example) and real world. Again, it was set in Nature. Probably the Moors, you know, Dartmoor, Bodmin Moor, that kind of rugged wind-blasted scenery. First of all, there was an AWACS plane spinning in the air, nose over tail. Then my dad was there, drunk, acting real threatening, hugging and then distant. Followed by some form of (I guess) 'public humiliation on a wiremesh toilet', situated in a public phone box, "Yeah, **it went everywhere."

But that's not the strange bit, "The animals were wiremesh also," and at first I thought they were sheep, so I passed through a gate, kicking at a couple of them to 'get out of the way'. But I hadn't kicked sheep. They weren't identical, but they were the same 'animal'. One had a very familiar face, like a panther or tiger, the snarl in particular.

They were talking, as they pushed their wiremesh faces through the wiremesh fence (like the T1000 in Terminator 2 pushing his chrome face through the iron bars of the mental asylum where Sarah Connor was being kept) one of them told me he was "the Wolfman". I saw there were 'more of the wiremesh wolfmen' in the pen. Why always the penned-off areas lately? There were other approaching wiremesh wolfmen and rolls of wiremesh rolling about inside the pen.

I said, bizarrely, "Oh, so this is going to be one of those CYLINDRICAL puzzles then, is it?"

Utter garbage.

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