Thursday, December 26, 2013

Edward Snowden - Christmas Message - Asking is Always Cheaper than Spying.

So, it's 'all very nice' that whistleblowers like Edward Snowden have taken it up themselves to unsheet the spectre of surveillance that was haunting all our movements, transactions, ways of life.

He was even kind enough to deliver a Christmas Day Message from his new home in Russia:

But what is THE SECRET SERVICE really for?

It's definitely NOT for 'our safety at home and abroad'.

The Secret Service exists to maintain 'the security of corporate ownership' via patents pending where profit is won or lost on the random revelations behind some corporate non-disclosure agreement. That's what 'official secrets acts' look like, a contract/document you sign that says, "I will reveal nothing of this business to anyone".

This is what the COLD WAR was all about, the Space Race and the Nuclear Chase before it. Reveal nothing. Legally binding all to their word with your signature.

Power. Control. Knowledge. Deceit. Lies. UFOs and Alien Invasion.

Power over You The People for military purposes, Commerce being the biggest war raging upon the planet for the last few centuries.

This power over You The Taxpayer, You The Subscriber, You The User of Corporate Gadgetry, this control, this knowledge, already exists out there in the app-enhanced real world and there's no sign that anything Edward Snowden (or his anti-commercial ilk) reveal that's going to stop people going on the internet, using Facebook, using smart phones and store cards that (while offering a financial incentive) amass vast amounts of personal data (about you) to games / services / product-subscription companies. All of whom don't repay you a cent for your laborious filling in of their Data Sheet.

It used to be called 'registering a product' what this means is YOU GIVE YOUR INFO to companies who resell it. That's where the profit is made, that's where Free Money is made. Knowing what you bought is the best trick a corporation can pull on You The Client.

The Client of What though?

Do you even KNOW or do you even CARE what you're signing every day of your life? Do you realise the LEGALITY of these online agreements you make with mystery companies who hold the Key To You? Do you realise that Snowden's Christmas Day Message to the masses comes across as just a statement of fact, rather than an appeal to change. There is no 'change' in Snowden's delivery just the logic that you're in debt to them until you renounce Profit.

"Asking is always cheaper than spying," says Snowden, and he's right. People will give everything about themselves away to Private Worldwide Profit-making Companies, just for some gimmick, some perceived benefit, some perk. A 'freebie' you've already paid for, like plastic bags. Truth is, nobody seems to be listening. That's the problem. Not only is 'nobody listening' but they're also footing the bill for continued Corporate Fascism, every day of their lives, so boo-hoo to you Consumer.

This is your future, you're cry-babies for whom no one is going to do anything. Until you adopt what is rightfully yours, and look after it, care for it, love it; for the sake of your children's children.

We want a FREE PLANET, how about them apples.

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