Monday, December 23, 2013

Is the real world?

...not one book ...not one painting.
I don't think
it's a coin toss
between love or fear,

I think it's a myth
that we are.

We never are,
until the moment
of our death,

a dream?

DAY LATER UPDATE: so, like you care, but... there's this Disassociative Crisis connected with the MK Ultra training, alters. I've never been in any state-sponsored institution, of course, but I was BROKEN by age five. Domestic issues. Complex. I had an experience today that filled me with adrenalin, it was like 'being back there' and I froze, as I should have.

I suspect that's how 'one gets creative' in this world. One has to see THE DARK to appreciate the value of the light?

Many people aren't allowed this insight. That's why the majority of you are SLAVES to your simpleton lives of Consumerism and Debt and Profit-for-the-few. They are not above you. You're their God. That's what they're REALLY AFRAID of you finding out.

This Free Planet is yours, not theirs. You can paint this picture... write this book... however You The People want.

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