Thursday, December 05, 2013

Joshua Patrick - the intelligence community maintains balance

"The Intelligence Community aims to keep tomorrow exactly the same as yesterday," ~ Joshua Patrick

Drug control
Idea control
Political stability

Joshua Patrick is a Masters of Counselling Psychological student and a Masters in Intelligence Analysis student from British Colombia, Canada. He helped redesign the Project Camelot website. Joshua's main contention is that WAR IS A WAY to make technological changes to humanity so that the Human Race can move out into the stars, to meet the neighbours. Kinda interesting, but I don't believe those 'neighbours' would allow this insane race off the planet.

"I am a Human Being ... let's get that out of the way," ~ Joshua Patrick

I'll probably have a Free Planet comment to make on this thread at some point, especially the dichotomy between staying here and tending our garden FP1 or abandoning it and moving out into the stars FP2. Certainly, this has relevance to LIBERATOR FP2, the second novel in the planned Free Planet trilogy.

I kinda like Joshua's contention that 'our dreams are speaking to us' as this relates to many DREAMS posts I've made on this Free Planet blog. As far as I see it, or can work out, "We might be dreaming for those beings IN THE UNIVERSE who can't," dreaming might (in fact) be our sole role (as an evolved race) in this galaxy. I'm not a big friend to anyone suggesting that 'higher states' are talking to us, or there's something like Occult Magic.

I suspect we're doing A LOT MORE in 'our universe' than we 'can possibly believe' -- I suspect HUMANITY is 'that special'. Far too special to be wasting one's energy working in a shit job to pay the fucking gas bill, as Joshua put it.

EVENING UPDATE: and if you enjoyed that, which I did, then you'll enjoy subjecting yourself to the next bit.

I can't help thinking I've seen that woman (met her) somewhere before...

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