Friday, December 20, 2013

last night's meditational visualisation

I'm not sure if it's meditation but I can't be bothered making a new category for this.

Last night, as I do most nights, I did what some might call 'astral travel' and what some might call 'meditational visualisation'.

I 'grew'.

I've been doing this 'growing' trip for decades, as I found it a much more EFFICIENT way to travel through the stars. Much better than travelling at this scale. And much better even that traversing the universe by leaping from within star to star.

I get myself into bed, and relax. Breathing regularly. Then, when I'm happy with the rhythm, I start scaling up on the in-breath and building up more scale-power on the out-breath. I do this until I'm big enough to have to bend my knees to stand on the northernmost and the southernmost points of the UK isle, Lands End and John O Groats.

Then I just keep growing. I'll end up crouched on the small football of Earth, balancing. Then I reach across to the Sun with my free foot, balancing and tottering like a real human on one foot. Finally, I have both my feet on the Sun and Earth and I'll continue to grow. Growing and growing until both Sun and Earth are under one foot and I'm balancing again, looking for the next star to plant my free foot on.

I did this last night TO AN AMAZING DEGREE OF CLARITY, SOLIDITY AND RESOLUTION until I had my one foot on the spiral of the Milky Way and was literally stepping up, up and up again, over several other neighbouring galaxies. I was at the same scale for a while, doing this stepping action.

I de-scaled within a galactic cluster, I don't know where I was, but I was very relaxed at the end of it, scaling back down to visit an alien planet somewhere within that cluster of stars. Eyes open, felt great. Ready for sleep.

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Erich Kuersten said...

thanks for sharing - while scientists would dismiss this as just intense visualizaition/ dreaming they should really take note that this fractally correct and can explain how aliens travel here over what the earth sciences can't fathom as anything other than millions of light years. Dude, if you're millions of light years in size the distance isn't so great, and in the space beyond time and dimensions, size is a meaningless concept