Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Religious Segregation in British Universities?

"This is University, it's not a Mosque or a Temple." Ysamin Alibhai Brown live on air in the studio telling off Omar Ali of the Federation of Student Islamic Societies on Channel 4 News after the video (below) on religious segregation in British Universities was shown.

Segregation of males and females because of religious buffoonery; it goes back to a post Free Planet made last month asking Why Do We Legislate For Belief Systems - you know, 'hate crime' legislation and 'right to segregate' legislation, legally sucking up to 'religious dogma' etc. Universities'll always try to allow money into their coffers even if it's sourced via 'religious agenda' and involves certain 'bending over backwards' to accommodate the foibles of the money giver.

There's literally NO WAY a Free Planet can silently condone such fascist re-engineering of the last fifty years of women's lib, equal rights and freedom of expression for the sake of Religious Fascism.

You want your faith, good for you; keep it to yourself. You think you have a 'right to faith', you're probably on dodgy ground, as there's NO PROOF in this world for the existence of 'any deity'. Having 'faith' or 'belief' therefore is all fine and well (if that's what rocks your boat) but it doesn't mean it's a) right or b) should be applied to the non-faithful or c) should not have the piss taken out of it by critics, commentators and comedians alike.

ALL FAITH SHOULD BE A TARGET FOR HUMOUR AND DERISION, simple fact. All organised religion is just Control of the Masses for PROFIT, never forget that.
MORNING UPDATE: here's the original Channel 4 News video that sparked off Ysamin Alibhai Brown's forthright comments later in the Channel 4 News show.

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