Sunday, December 08, 2013

Thor News - Alien Planet questions Star formation theory

Man, I love Thor News's no nonsense approach to Science, even when he's raking up old dirt like news of this massive planet found wandering in space.

"Tell it like you see it," and he does, even when he's taking cheap shots at the political Left-Right paradigm.

Also, isn't it obvious that the 'sun' is formed when the fabric of space LOCALLY FRACTURES on a microscopic (atoms) or macroscopic (stars) scale?

This 'local fracture' is where the Universe does its Electric Universe thaaang, allowing a star to form, that in itself allows the planets to form. As large as they are, planets and stars may form from local outpourings of HC Unit effect, whether cumulative or at-scale. I'm more convinced than ever that 'all matter' is just a 'crack in space-time' pounding through like a heartbeat or pulse. Matter originates ELSEWHERE. Matter is just 'what we see' of this 'elsewhere'.

Large or small, it's all the same Hertzan Chimera Unit excess pushing through to our measurable realm. I suspect we can ride this HC Unit back through the universe, were we able to shield ourselves from the 'math' that tears these holes in space.

Screw inter-stellar travel, the SUN is our path to the stars (?)

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