Thursday, January 02, 2014

BBC Radio 4 - PJ Harvey edits TODAY - Denis Halliday: 'The U.N. Security Council - Dump The Wolves'.

this morning, musician PJ Harvey was guest editor of Radio 4's three-hour TODAY programme and had Julian Assange on as Thought For The Day, but the most important speech was done by Denis Halliday the United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator in Iraq from 1 September 1997 until 1998 and it was titled 'The U.N. Security Council - Dump The Wolves'.

Here's a link to the BBC iPlayer stream of this morning's TODAY show: scroll to the 49:00 mark to experience Denis Halliday's powerful words, sorry if this link doesn't work with non-UK countries: maybe someone will youtube/vimeo this landmark show at some point.

* The United Nations Security Council has mostly failed us since 1945.
* Is war good for corporate and state profits? Yes, it is.
* Is Democracy at work in the Security Council? No, veto-power is.
* Is the UNSC representative of the world? No, it needs better decisions. [content edited]

IT WAS A CORKER about overstepping the Profit-mark in the name of Corporate War.

"Free Planet, Free Planet, Free Planet," it's the only way, to be sure.

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