Saturday, January 04, 2014

Have you ever seen an advertisement in your dreams?

very weird things are happening in the dream time, the sleep time, the other life of this 48-y.o. blogger.

On New Year's Day it was the realisation that I could deny ANY DREAM CONTENT, question it, just say "No!" to it, if I wanted.

Last night i.e. four days later, it was AN ACTUAL ADVERTISEMENT for a product/service: I literally woke up I got so angry. Where my dream time had been quite quiet since NYD's "No!", I had been having an abnormally vivid and lively series of dreams. Dream after dream after dream. Question has to be asked, "Why is a 48-y.o. man like myself still experiencing dream content one would have imagined one had lost in childhood, namely MONSTER, CHASES, ESCAPES, ENEMIES, HORROR?"

I mean, "I know it's just dreams," or do I?

Last night was a case in point, there I was chasing this couple of thieves who'd stolen something very cherished, very dear to me. They escaped in a 1950's Chevy pick-up truck like the one above. I nearly caught up with them on a 'highway' and WHAM. An Advertisement comes on. Right in the Dream. Filling the screen, and it did feel like a 'screen'. I couldn't believe it. Nor could I stop it. Don't ask me what service or product it was advertising, I was too angry. I kept thinking, "Remember which way they were going, you can catch them later."

The advert ended and (of course) the station wagon was nowhere to be seen - empty road at every turn.
DAY OR TWO LATER UPDATE: another massive OMNIBUS of dreams last night in excruciating detail, and relating to each other. What is it that's worth putting this much effort into my nightly sleeptime? I'm living two lives. One in this (typing) real world and one in this (other) dream world. They both exist. And they're both as accurate and detailed and ruled by the laws of physics as each other. However, one can have its physics 'tweaked' in more Lucid Dreams.
In one dream I'm working in a futuristic restaurant with a glass roof and proof of UFOs gliding overhead. In the other dream I'm working in a red-brick hilly industrial-city Cafe Cum Brothel. I can't work out what's being shown, or why. Do dreams have any meaning (to us, on this side of the veil) if we're not ecessarily supposed to remember them? And why the detailed resolution, weight and severity of the material in our dreams?
Qui bono?

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Bianca Soberman said...

It happened to me. I've been aware of this for a long time.

They're putting ads in our dreams.

Contact me at if it's happened to you