Friday, January 24, 2014

Cinesite FX - Beanz - comedy short

Free Planet is usually down on advertising as it's (generally) selling you 'all the crap your life doesn't need'.

And sometimes an advert isn't an advert AT ALL, it's just a bit of clever-artist fun at the expense of the Industry.


DAMP AND MISERABLE JOGGING NEWS: jogged out in the drizzle today, I looked out of my window and it kinda inspired me. I thought, "I'm going to jog farther than I've ever jogged today," and I did. Botley to Oxford to Headington... which I've done before in 100 mins. But this time I extended the jog from Headington shops all the way to the ring road at the end of London Road there. Turned round and jogged the five miles or so back home. I went on GoogleMaps when I returned and measured out the route, it came to 10.2 miles.
Ten.two miles then in about 95 minutes, which isn't fast but it is my most determined time yet for ten+ miles.

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