Wednesday, January 01, 2014

New Year's Resolution - question, interrogate and cross-examine the dream.

this morning's eye
in fact it's not even something I intentionally want to happen, it began last night, my first lucid QUESTIONING, INTERROGATION AND CROSS-EXAMINATION of the dream.

The funny thing is I have no 'content' to relate as that was all erased before this dreamer was allowed to wake up, just the 'knowledge' that I spent last night 'not going along with the dream'. I remember things happening in the dream, things my dreaming self would normally 'go along with'.

But last night was VERY DIFFERENT, I felt my 'real self' come out and start to question the actions of this (normally narratively compliant) 'dream self'. It feared nothing, accepted nothing, and saw the whole dream experience as ONE MASSIVE DEBATE. It was very refreshing, and fun.

Wonder how 'the inter-galactic beings I'm supposed to be dreaming for' feel about this.

"Mike, what's that eye image?" yes, that is how my eye looks this morning (for the first time ever) having woken up from the 'questioning dream session'. I'm sure there's no connection. ;)

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