Thursday, September 22, 2016

Catatrophe vs Sedimentary - Electric Universe - cataclysmic rock formation and planetary timescale

Geology, is mostly powered by sedimentary rock formation over billions of years, but...

...what if MOST OF THE ROCKS OF THE EARTH were formed (not by sedimentary but) by catastrophic processes over many times less than billions of years?

Some suggest that Venus, Mars and Earth used to be CLOSER and IN A STRAIGHT LINE within the life-giving plasma sheath of a foreign brown dwarf star that might have had to electrically stabilise once it entered what we now call the Solar System, leaving the three planets in orbits around our Sun.

Some say Early Man illustrated these cataclysmic moments in rock art all over the world, catalogued the global changes taking place so dramatically all around them.

Such massive electrical plasma exchange between three electrically interacting planets would have caused major disasters, via major rock excavation and major flooding. And this may not have been a one-shot event if the brown dwarf star and its aligned planets grazed the Sol-ar System over a period of severl thousand years, getting inexorably closer and closer to entrapment.

But what's the timescale of 'our planet's' arrival in System Sol? When did our planet arrive in this Sol-ar System? Did man really paint and chisel these interactions on the walls of recently-discovered caves?

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