Star Citizen - 5.0 sandbox rework - due in 2018?

In recent SC or PU posts I've waffled on about DOORS and IDENTITY but these were mere technical aspects to the sandbox aspect of Persistent Universe. The real issue (that Star Citizen has yet to address) is the 'cart before the horse' or THE INTELLIGENT SPACE SHIP as a conduit of your growing empire within the Persistent Universe of Star Citizen.

Does the CEO of a corporation (or galactic conglomerate) fly his own ship?

Surely not... and while one might start the game flying around and shooting and taxi-ing and farming and looting and pirating, a greater ambition in this universal sandbox must surely be TO MANAGE THE PERSISTENT UNIVERSE or some not-yet-sketched-out variant of planetary/interstellar overlordage. Persistent Universe A.I. should be watching how you play the game and apply such a burgeoning neural net to the way you fill positions below your current hierarchy level. New Player belongs to ship belongs to fleet belongs to conglomerate, so you'll only be allowed in where you FIT to an already-existing hierarchy. Until he has formed his own n'net.

A decent command-and-control system could then be driven home right at the start, by-passing any 1990's-era clunky career-choosing ship-choosing door-choosing interface with this S3 or Simple Sandbox Statement, "You are the cart that flies every horse," and all 'seats' in any ship or corporation should be AI-occupied or player-controlled from the get-go based on you the FGO or Future Galactic Overlord.

Once that's understood, a suitable workaday interface is evident, right?


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