Planetary gaming - Universe gaming - Asset stripper design limitations.

is that all there is ... to a space game?
So, games like Eve Online, Elite Dangerous, Dual Universe, Star Citizen and No Man's Sky... what are they hoping to achieve, gameplaywise?

They're all set in space ... and SPACE IS VERY verrrrry BIG.

To strip the fuck out of the newly-discovered universe. Even the mostly-positive No Man's Sky is an evil asset strip of every innocent planet a player finds.

Same with Star Citizen, it's a fucking ugly mess of rocket fuel and quantum fuel and oxygen-farming and assets to PROFIT from. This kind of OPEN UNIVERSE with LACK OF CREATIVE POSITIVITY makes a true-sandbox-gamer like myself ill. Same with ALL OF THEM...

All of these space games are suffering from this basic ego-maniacal design-limitation, the accrual of stolen asset. All's we're doing is teaching the kids of tomorrow how to FUCK EACH OTHER OVER for a few silver coins in a bag. Sorry, that's the wrong thing to be teaching the kids of tomorrow. It's one of the major reasons I got out of the games industry in the first place, the amorality of what we're teaching the player.

We are never going to be allowed off this planet broadcasting our blood-hunger and profit-insanity into the stars like this. It's silly, stop it now.

PS: and probably the most important part, "Re-design Star Citizen from the ground up," so that it becomes a simple (arcadey) game once more. Star Citizen is not a 'sim' ffs, but it can be hacked into shape as a well-though-out finishable product that will allow YOU THE PLAYER to take control of your gaming universe.


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